jueves, 13 de julio de 2023

Some SCW heavy metal

 Hi everybody, 

Last weeks weren't unproductive but instead I will share what I've done today: a couple of T26 from Pegasus in 1/72 . The kit are dead easy to build and nicely detailed and i grab them for a decent price during my trip to Paris (Tony's shop) and two days after "et voilà".  The two tanks will be a good and versatile addition to my Republican forces for "Des Tranchées aux Barricades "rules or my WW2 Soviets. 

More and crazier things very soon...


4 comentarios:

  1. Lovely work Alberto. I reañu like the highlights and shading on the tanks.

  2. Hi John , thanks ! I've got to find a way to reach the same result but with half time spent.
    Sometimes I feel that we overdue the weathering of the model, here the tanks aren't Russian green anymore !! I should have start with a green grey already jajajaja!

  3. very nice, thanks for the post! I.hope you keep them coming