jueves, 13 de julio de 2023

Some SCW heavy metal

 Hi everybody, 

Last weeks weren't unproductive but instead I will share what I've done today: a couple of T26 from Pegasus in 1/72 . The kit are dead easy to build and nicely detailed and i grab them for a decent price during my trip to Paris (Tony's shop) and two days after "et voilà".  The two tanks will be a good and versatile addition to my Republican forces for "Des Tranchées aux Barricades "rules or my WW2 Soviets. 

More and crazier things very soon...


jueves, 8 de junio de 2023

As the year go pass by

 Hi ladies and gents, 

One year since my last post. One year with no hobby news, times runs fast that's no lie. I'm sorry for the lack of activities in the blog, real life took is toll and I'm more and more conscious that blogging is almost  an hobby in itself and an absorbing one 

A silent blog was by no mean equal to zero wargaming / hobby stuff during the last year, I  should say quite the contrary for my usual standards. The last year saw me painting quite a lot, trying new tools and technics. As usual the dispersion factor was quite high but and this is a first, I sold a few things (my Star Wars Legion stuff mainly.)

I started and continued a lot of things in 28mm :  ACW, Renaissance & Thirty Years War, Sci-Fi, I  put on a stand-by the Russian Civil War collection in 1/72 scale and the Spanish Civil War in 15mm.  I painted a few 1/72 XVII things, bought new and shiny rules, I occasionally carried on with the 1/35 -32 stuff. I also done some scenery for various settings and scales. I will try to post pictures of all of this in the next weeks. 

Currently I'm trying to implement different forces (30-40 miniatures each side) for the Spanish Civil War but this time in 1/72 -20mm, using my old stash of Hotspur, Irregular, Minairons, BUM and some plastic soldier (Airfix) conversions.  I aim to use it with the  "Des tranchées au Barricades" rules link  a really interesting set for skirmishing early XXth century conflicts but can be probably used well beyond. I made a small test (activation/ fire) and it looks like it can provide a fun and easy to grasp game. More about it soon.

Welcome back ! 

A photo session:  

Overall view of the mat 90cm by 67,5cm the rules uses a grid. The terrain except the trees and the building is homemade. 

From the Nationalist side Regulares advancing and taking cover in the fields.

Maybe a Magnum agency reporter was assigned to the Republican side defending the road. Capa? Taro?

Regulares officier doing briefing the reserve.

The Ejercito Popular Republicano counterpart doing the same.

Regulares about to take cover in an enclosed field.

The Republican infantry ready to receive the incoming assault.

Turbans and fez aren't a welcome sight for the Republican defenders.

A Republican Madsen lmg defending the tree line.  

The Moroccans Regulares got the support of some infantry 



A requisitioned car doing probably some messaging messaging missions for the for the HQ staff.    

viernes, 10 de junio de 2022

Sf buildings and scatter terrain with minis

 Hi everybody, Some sf terrain and various base test for sf minis:

I'm musing with the idea of playing Sf games with multiple miniatures bases in 28mm like their 15mm or 10mm counterpart. I'm not yet totally convinced, I don't know if this can be adapted to actual rules like "One page grimdark future " or maybe I can play Future war commander or the like. There's also how to distribute and represent among the bases the special weapons bearers, specialists, squad support weapons, characters etc... any idea is welcome.

Stay tune for more ...

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2022


Hi everybody, 
More than a year without a post, I only can say sorry, real life , low energy phases have take their toll once again on the blogging aspects of the hobby.That say, in the last 14 months, I kept painting, in the WASH of BOURBON way, of course , that mean,  in a chaotic, irregular way. Jumping in and out from too different miniatures, different eras, scales,  you know. what I mean.  I will, in the next days share some of the work done. 

But for the first post in a year will only share a little teaser, on what I'm doing these days...

See you !!


martes, 30 de marzo de 2021

lunes, 29 de marzo de 2021

WIP: SCW 15 mm artillery bases

 Hi everybody,

Today some WIP pictures. Taking advantage of the "élan" given by the rules "For Whom the Dice Rolls" I started to work on several artillery bases for the Nationalist side:  Two Krupp field guns and one antitank Pak 36 gun. 

The bases sizes are: 3x4 cm for the antitank gun with a crew of three and 4x4 cm for the field guns with a crew of four.  Figures and guns are all but one from Peter Pig.  The crewman of the Krupp with greenstuff is from the Old Glory Russo-Japanese War range.

jueves, 25 de marzo de 2021

First unit for "Whom the dice rolls"

 Hi everybody, 

I received today my copy of Trebian's rules "For Whom the dice rolls" I didn't have  time to read it but it spurs me to finish the first unit a Nationalist infantry battalion, who , as per the rules is a total of 24 miniatures: 3 infantry companies, 1 machine-gun company and a command.  The miniatures needs a coat of varnish ( gloss and matt ) and I have to finish the bases. But essentially their table ready ... almost.

In the next days I will share more 15mm goodies, SCW and other periods and a few books about the Spanish Civil War.

See you.

martes, 23 de marzo de 2021

More 15mm Spanish Civil War pictures

 Following the previous post, more pictures of the SCW painted stuff. Except the panzers I painted last summer the rest have been painted probably more than nine  years ago. As told in the last post I really enjoyed trying to represent the Spanish countryside type of terrain, bushes , rocks, etc . Now the dilema, I just bought For Whom The Dice Rolls , I expect the rules to be a drive to give a push and a focus to paint the rest of the 15 SCW lead pile. The question is: the rules suggest to use 3x3cm base and 3 figures per bases for infantry bases. Should I debased what I've done already?  Dilema  ....

 Thanks for watching

Command Decision, I guess, Panzers I

 EPR infantry Peter Pig and with some modified Battlefront WW2 soviet sailors and infantry with greatcoats

Peter Pig republican crew, Command Decision? Soviet 45mm anti-tank gun

15mm Spanish Civil War Tanks, trucks and Guardia de Asalto

 Hi everybody,

Keeping on with the task of recording the progress of my work and a to have a picture record of the collections and projects this time I will share with you some the oldest stuff. 

The Spanish Civil War for different reasons (mainly familial) have always fascinated me. Along the years I collected miniatures in different scales 1/72, 20mm, 1/32, even 6mm and finally 15mm. The Peter Pig range was a great surprise and a way to put on the table higher levels units and enjoying the painting. I quickly hoarded a lot of miniatures including Old Glory, Flames of War, to field both sides. 

Those miniatures where already shown many years ago in my first wargaming blog. I really enjoyed working out the bases. 

Republican T26's and BT5

Russian trucks, BA-6 armored car, Renault FT17

A Guardia de Asalto unit with a truck. Some miniatures are transformed ( police cap added)

Guardias de Asalto in overall.

Guardias de asalto, with a bomber and a transformation ( the guy reaching is cartridge pouch in his back)  

Close up Command and LMG base