martes, 30 de enero de 2018

RCW infantry 1/72

Hi everybody, 
More than a week without giving some news, but hopefully the brushes weren't inactive mainly with the Great Northern War commission and the subject of today's post, some 1/72 Russian Civil War  bolshevik infantry bases. 
Those were started and modified many moons ago (maybe two years) since, most of them were left barely primed in black until four days ago. All the miniatures were modified to get an approximation to a RCW look, so helmet were removed for example replaced by peaked and fur caps. This was done in hurry to try to have them ready for a game. The transformations were aimed to get the overall look and they aren't totally historical right (WW2 collars and some equipment left) Apologies. 
The 1/72 amateurs have recognized already figures from Pegasus, Hat, Plastic Soldier Company, Esci/Italeri from their Russian WW2 miniatures sets

Two of them as test, to see how works the finished base decoration. I added the bayonets to the Mosin Nagant rifles, for me, the almost napoleonic pointy bit is definitively associate with the Russian soldier of the first half of the 20th ccntury and add something more to the RCW look that I was searching. I will probably reduced the number of different khaki colors used, in sake of painting speed and to give a more unified look to each unit despise the fact that the pictures show a motley look and huge variations in the clothes colors.

I wouldn't like to finish without mentioning Mr Mark Plant and his wonderful site on the RCW "Pygmy Wars" a mine informations and resources (be aware that some links related to the site don't work sadly) whatever Hat off Mark.

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  1. Very nice figures. Not my period, so I won't comment the uniforms or the accuracy, but the choice of colors is very good, and your bases excellent, of course.

  2. Hello Phil ,
    Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm quite happy to retake an old project.
    ¿What rules are you using when you play Ancients? Only DBA?

  3. Very nicely done, great looking minis!