viernes, 12 de enero de 2018

First Ancient Egyptians done

Hi everybody, 

First entry of the week-end, the first unit of Ancient Egyptian spearmen. In the background the first elements of scenery almost finished.

More soon.

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  1. Hello! I have just discovered your blog, I like your paintings a lot! These Egyptians are excellent, the flesh tones are perfect and your bases very nice, I think I will copy :)

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your kind comments, I wish to paint my miniatures cleanly as yours !! For the next bases I will put less bushes as one TMPer's commented unless you are close to the Nile the terrain is pretty barren.

    2. It is true that Egypt looks like a desert except for the Nile valley itself. But the war against the Sea People took place mainly in the Nile Delta, and during the Middle Kingdom, the egyptian armies operated in several places in the Middle East, and you will commonly see bushes and trees as soon as you are over the see level. So your bases are correct to me - and I am sure, I visited both Egypt and Jordan a few years ago.

    3. Thanks a lot Phil for the updates.

  2. Estan requête super estos egipcios con sus falditas y sus palmeras !!!

  3. Jejeje,
    Muchas gracias brother in arms !! Estas son las mismas que solian vender cuando teníamos 10 años en el Prisunic y tenían los Romanos, Griegos, el caballo de Troya etc... de la marca Atlantic.
    Un abrazo

  4. Como puedes ver los celos han echo que he empezado con un blog yo tambien !!!
    La culpa la tienes tu y solo tu !!!
    Hasta pronto y haber quien gasta antes sus pinturas y sus pinceles.

  5. Jajajaja,

    Eso , muy bien , necesita de verdad un pique sano para seguir pintando regularmente.